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Frequently Asked Questions


How do we book you for our wedding?

First contact us and see if we are available for the date of your wedding. You can call 701.412.3119 or fill out our "contact form" on our website. If you're unable to reach us by phone, please leave us a message and we'll return your phone call or email right away. We'll check the date and mail you out a price list if we have the date available.



Do you charge traveling expenses?

It depends on the location of the wedding. Any weddings within a 100 miles don't incur any additional expenses. We would be glad to provide you with a quote on expenses for your wedding if you are out of the area.



Do some clients book you over the phone without meeting you in person?

Yes. Most of our customers have seen our work on the website or through their friends) and we do all the correspondence and consulting over the phone.



Do you do both formal and candid photography?

We are known for our outstanding candid photography but most clients still prefer a small percentage of the formal posed photographs which we are happy to take.



Are the photographs on your website from actual weddings you've personally photographed?

Yes! All the photographers on this website are of actual brides on their wedding days. None were staged "in-studio" shots. There were photographed by Darrell personally and not by a hired assistant, associate or any other photographer. When you book with us you will get Darrell as your photographer, not an associate or other employee.



Do you charge extra to take outdoor photos?

No. There is no extra charge added to shoot outdoor photos.



How many weddings have you photographed?

Darrell has photographed over 1000 weddings in Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota since 1990.